Introduction to MNG Europe

Your instant European business presence

How can your business take advantage of a successful approach that meets your immediate business needs in Europe and provides for longer term options as your footprint grows.

Converging Enterprise

Enterprise Communications, IT & the Cloud.

Vendor hype has devalued the promise of unified communications and threatens to cause confusion with the move to cloud computing. In the absence of clear and unambiguous explanations of the benefits of embarking on such projects, end users could be

FedUp with the Cloud

A practical business look at the Cloud

Cloud: Fed up with all the hype and repeatedly hearing the "C" word? Read on for a profanity free way to look beyond the cloud, trap some of the vapour and solidify it into something your busines can actually use.

Cloud versus OnPremise

Developing Lean and Mean Business via Cloud

According to most analysts, the key to business survival in todays economic environment is to adopt a lean and mean approach. In practical IT terms this means adopting technology platforms that are low on entry price, are easy to continuously maintain and at

WEF Smart Grids Report 2010

Accelerating successful Smart Grid pilots

Global smart grid pilots are increasing in substantial numbers.Over 60 industry and policy/regulatory stakeholders were engaged to identify the factors that determine the success, or otherwise, of smart grid pilots.

10 Smart Grid Trends To Watch

10 Trends to watch in 2011 & beyond

There are dozens of trends that bear watching and scrutiny in the months to come as trials mature & move into production. In the following section, Pike Research focuses on ten such trends that will be most influential in the emerging smart grid sector.

Open4Business: A Suite for SME's

O4B levers the Cloud for your SME business needs

Designed BY private equity professionals FOR private equity professionals, O4B is a suite of business applications tools including Groupware, CRM, Document Management and VOIP. A powerful busin...

Building Municipal Wireless MESH Networks

How MESH can support a range of ROI services

How wireless mesh can & should support a broad range of voice, data & video applications for public access, public works and public safety should be a driving factor for most projects seeking to deploy

Intro to Wireless MESH Networking

5 Basics to follow for networking MESH

This Whitepaper presents an overview of basic mesh principles, outlines key capabilities, summarises some target applications and highlights the flexibility of Wireless MESH deployments

Build versus Rent

Outdoor broadband infrastructure: why own?

Organizations that want to take advantage of the significant benefits of large-scale broadband infrastructure face the option of whether to build, own and operate their own infrastructure or rent services from mobile providers.

Welcome to M2M

Basics of machine-to-machine communication

An overview of the basic building blocks of an M2M technology solution, including wireless connectivity options. Knowing the basics of M2M communications and your options when deploying technology can help you develop a seuccessful solution.

M2M Education Continues

Follow-up to the "Welcome to M2M"

An insight into the M2M industry and the current thinking related to M2M deployments. Industry experts ask the tough questions and try to elaborate on their perspectives within the state of the market.