Services that make your business grow

MNG Europe performs a number of services that take advantage of our home-market presence to
concentrate on generating business development & sales growth for your business.

As your day-to-day European sales force we generate business for you by managing your sales and business development activities. We drive, manage and support these activities, pipelines and channels as well as continually discover and build new channels to expand your market footprint.

MNG brings regional knowledge, focus and structure to your ambitions in Europe, getting your sales and business development activities moving forward quickly and efficiently. The resulting benefits equate to;

  • Faster time to market
  • Access to extensive pan-European opportunities
  • Cost-efficient sale operations presence in Europe
  • Dependable regional extension of your business

Business Development

Proven Channels

MNG is your outsourced business development and sales team driving, managing and nurturing your pipelines in Europe.

We facilitate getting your product into the intended regional market and then directly support the channels and end-customers, saving you time and expense in managing these market opportunities.

Think of us as a virtual extension of your existing sales team.

Our core services include;

  • Sales Channel discovery & development
  • Leads / End-Customer generation & validation
  • Channel / End-Customer training & support
  • Channel Partner pipeline management
  • Targets specification & planning
  • On-site sales & demonstration assistance
  • Account management
  • Market research and validation


Access to Europe

Our existing presence in the region is your local advantage.

Centrally located in Switzerland, we are able to quickly respond to customer requests, support channel partners in real-time and provide you with a truly pro-active European presence on your behalf.

Coupled with our language flexibility, we bring your business an understanding
of European markets,
business climates & cultural diversities.

Your local advantages;

  • Centralised European base in Switzerland
  • Direct access to key European business markets
  • Proximity to key meetings, market events and trade shows
  • Real-time support for customers & channels
  • European business and cultural experience
  • Regional language skills
  • Flexible & convenient travel connections

Additional Services

Localised Support

We understand the importance of localised marketing material & business literature aimed at the targeted territory you wish to stimulate interest in.

MNG takes care of additional services to meet your specific needs as your business requires them.

MNG makes attending industry fairs and events that promote your business and provide high visibility to your end-customers a cost efficient business decision.

MNG offers you;

  • Representation at shows, fairs & events
  • End- customer demonstrations & sales
  • Marketing & literature translation
  • Press release & advertising support
  • Business literature printing services
  • Translation & interpreter services support

Office Works

Your Swiss Branch Office

MNG offers the right services and advice to make opening your own regional
branch office in Switzerland a smooth and efficient project.

With extensive contacts in the Chamber of Commerce as well as local and regional business support services, we are your single point of contact for your branch office project in Switzerland.

We minimise the risks with commercial property leasing, hiring resources and en- suring business critical services and facilities are in place for your team.

This service includes;

  • Setting-up & establishing an office in Switzerland
  • Legal & Tax Assistance in Switzerland
  • Commercial Property Rental
  • Recruiting & Hiring, Temps & Admin Solutions
  • Facilities, Services & Connectivity